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Originally Posted by northcarolina1970 View Post
Well since no one knows me me and my brother work for traffic plan and they do not normally do this but the state now requires random testing every so often there cracking down on all kind of drug use once again this hasnt happened in years this is the first time i have 2 jobs but that the one who requested this random test ui was just as suprised as u were but atleast the main guy gave me a heads up he says it might not happen again tho due to the fact noone got caught doing anything including drugs and i also work with thies guys on demo work when need be but i really think someone was a straight up rat tho honestly
The whole ordeal sounds utterly absurd. I think this guy posted in the beginners forum cause he knew he'd be flamed. The guy has a join date of 2006 he's no beginner and should have enough information at hand to know this shit. This is also the guy who couldn't accept the information about cholesterol without becoming a child throwing a tantrum. Why do we even acknowledge these types of threads???
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