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Originally Posted by Mack View Post
Ill pass on stuff like superdrol

It was rejected by pharmacy for a reason

Much better and safer options are available

Imho.... stick with orals that were pharmacy approved

Not ones that were on the reject list

Think about it ......
Nothing cuts, adds size, increases vascularity like superdrol.

Pharms likely passed on it bc it doesnt provide any real medical purposes.

The only thing that compares is primo... which is a lot more expensive.

IMHO, superdrol is less toxic than tren, which most swear by. I was shitting blood at one point on tren. Worst thing superdrol ever did was make me a bit lethargic, and even then i think thats just if you over do it. I actually would get a rush of energy/euphoria for the first hour or two when i used injectable superdrol.

I will be giving my first run of oral sdrol here starting in about a week.
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