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obZeN 08-09-2018 06:53 AM

HGH Dosage time for Graveyard Shift
Shift is 2200-0800 4 days straight. Wake up @1930, sleep at 1200
My Friday Iím off at 0800. Sleep and wake up same as above but sleep few hrs at night so Iím up ~0800 the next day.
Have a normal two days.
On my Monday, Iím also up around 0800. Then take 3-4hr nap around 1500-1600 so I can head to work and be up all night.

First run with HGH. Just going to do 3.3iu once per day. Would like to do it everyday.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

ohnoudidnt 08-09-2018 09:59 PM

60-90 minutes before bed. All at once.

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