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Old 07-17-2018, 08:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Mack View Post
If your pack gets seized by customs they don’t give a f’ck about you or your address

They send you a letter and toss your gear in the garbage or they keep it for themselves

Not sure why somebody would say they ‘burned’ an address

I have had 1 containment in 7 years

And I had one siezure with a release (it was viagara and Cialis; they gave me a ‘warning’)

Both to the same address

Same address I use for all of my orders

Of course I pay a street bum $20 to go in and pick up my packs but that’s another story ..... lmao

Let's see if I can carefully word this and not break and board rules.

I have to agree with addresses. I have and have seen MANY times packs get grabbed and other ones make it to the same address. Addresses are not flagged unless there are some extreme circumstances. Sources do require clean addresses but this is just standard protocol. Even they know it really doesn't matter generally.

If you get things directly shipped from, let's say a big red country that is the source for 90% of the worlds UGL raws, then yes it is going to be much cheaper. No middle men or extra shipping to pay. Plus the raws are cheap. Plus having just an email address vs a website and database and customer service people to employ also reduces overhead a lot. However you have those things, plus ship your products or have them shipped and then made in let's say the EU, where it is MUCH safer to ship from, that all cost extra $. Plus like anything else, the big UGL's with the best reps for quality products charge more because people are willing to pay it. Plus unlimited free reships on many of these more expensive suppliers IMO make it worth the extra cost, at least to me.

Want a good example? EK's when he had it half price line of DP. Instead of his normal route, he sent them directly from the source reducing his overhead a whole lot and allowing him to charge a cheaper price. Plus he only I believe would reship once. Nothing comes for a cheaper price without a catch.
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Old 07-17-2018, 11:21 PM
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10-12 years ago it was like wild west for gear/powder ect.
It was quite easy to get cheap local made goods.

People pay what they want. Some gear has a very good rep and can be turned over for profit, other folks just want plain vial with gear in it for themselves.

Like stated above there is lso the associated overhead issues of locations and all that goes with that.

Is test all test at the end of the day? maybe maybe not
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Old 07-31-2018, 11:06 AM
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..I cannot for the life of me understand why people order directly from any international source but especially the Red country. I haven't used international since tsm.. I have no problem paying $10 more a bottle for local sources.... I just do bigger orders and always get 20% off.. with local you never have to worry about it getting detained so I don't mind doing large orders.....

I'll drop my doses if it comes down to it in order to use local sources. But I usually pay $30-35 for test.....local costs about $10 more per bottle which is fine..... T/a with my source is about 5 days from when I place an order... No worrying about losing an order... That's worth the $10.

So basically I agree with everything swoll says. He's right on the money....
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Old 08-02-2018, 02:10 AM
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