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HGH, IGF and Insulin Forum Discuss HGH and its effects on the human body.

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Old 07-15-2017, 06:48 AM
carbs carbs is offline
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Default Has HGH been worth it to you?

For those people that have used HGH has it been worth it...

How long did you/have you run it and at what dose?
What did it do/has it done for you?

Has it been worth the money??
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Old 07-15-2017, 12:06 PM
dfresh333 dfresh333 is online now
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Used it for years from 2-4 ius. I dont notice any of the effects people talk about. To me its marketing hype and paper stats that dont translate to use. Recovery from training and workout is amazing. Its the only reason i use it as it allows me to train multiple times a day
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Old 07-15-2017, 07:08 PM
DEVLDOG's Avatar
DEVLDOG DEVLDOG is online now
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Humatrope 3.5iu a day, after training for 34 years and running gear for 30 yrs, I wish I jumped on GH years ago, made all the difference in the world BUT. You need to already have the foundation, low bf% and muscular development along with the diet and cardio in place with proper anabolic, T/4 and slin! Basically all in or don't waste your $$$
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Old 07-15-2017, 08:02 PM
tmac3t's Avatar
tmac3t tmac3t is online now
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when i run 4 iu and more its always good ran 2 ius for long time and nothing really and then went to 4 iu thats when it got really good imo
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Old 07-16-2017, 06:04 PM
ironcross's Avatar
ironcross ironcross is offline
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Hgh is definitely worth the money hands down. I didn't hop on the band wagon until about 40 so my natural levels were on the low side of normal.
It is a huge let down if you are just trying it for the first time and it's not quality stuff. I think 3-5 iu is a good dose to run very long term. I think it levels out the playing field for older guys to grow like they could in their 20's. I could never run 10 iu for very long compared to some of the other members here have said. It takes a while to start doing it's magic but once it has begun, you will be glad you paid the money.
"Brilliance is one small step from madness."
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Old 07-17-2017, 11:11 AM
housemoney housemoney is offline
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For someone like me who struggles with a strict diet and consistent sleep (kids), it's been a significant benefit for my overall health and in staying mildly lean while aging into my mid 30's.

If you have no problem keeping your sleep and diet in check or are under 30 years old with decent genetics, generic HGH is not worth the $ unless you are competing.

It certainly has helped in injury recovery as you age past 30. That opinion is from my MD, not mine.
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Old 07-20-2017, 12:45 AM
carbs carbs is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 981

Thank you for your responses...keep them coming.

Great to read different perspectives.

It seems it may be a little overrated in terms of bang for buck.
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Old 07-20-2017, 02:47 AM
testo1986 testo1986 is offline
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GH, not really worth it for me, but MK677 has been worth it. Much cheaper than GH, less sides for me. 10mg ed is all I need - i've used many GH brands and low dose MK is the best IMO. Sleep is incredible. However, I did go to the doc recently and he was shocked to see bone spurs developed in my shoulder at such a young age. He said he wasn't sure how I had such rapid bone development. i think the elevated IGF1 in my body over the years has probably affected that - and in this case, the bone spurs are really painful and irritating my rotator cuff tendons. So the GH, in my case, has actually helped cause more injury and irritation than help with healing properties.
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Old 07-30-2017, 12:29 AM
Trekrider215's Avatar
Trekrider215 Trekrider215 is offline
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does anyone here bother getting bloodwork??????? First of all EVERYONES response to hgh will be different. 10% are non responders due to immediate antibody development. (don't believe me? start looking at some HGH studies...) Some have weak hgh/igf1 axis and do not convert much igf1. There are other variables for instance an overtaxed liver isn't going to convert as well either.

you also have to look at binding proteins. if igf1 bp3 is abnormally low then igf1 isn't going to be able to do its job. antibodies and igf1 bp3 can both be tested for, as well as the obvious IGF1 to track progress.

it's really not as simple as pinning a few ius a day forever and hoping for the best. sometimes theres tendancy later down the road for stalling. The body sees consistent increased igf1 levels over time so what does it do? It lowers igf1 bp3. Sometimes protocols need to be switched to prevent stalling. you also have to consider the possibility that lower quality hgh can induce antibody buildup.

does anyone consider any of this??? Theres a reason why doctors use IGF1 testing to determine a patients response to hgh, as well as be able to make necessary dosing changes.

Igf1 needs to be tracked over many months to see whether its continuing to convert, and work. Ideally antibody and igf1 bp3 needs to be tracked also.

Also sides are different for everyone. My advice is run pharma grade for a few months so you KNOW how your body should respond, not only physically, and side effect-wise, but through igf1 levels also. For around 150-160$ a week you can run 4-5ius of Saizen, which in my opinion is undoubtedly the best hgh for bodybuilders. Why you ask? Because the click easy pens are almost impossible to fake, and they utilize Mouse cell technology which other pharma brands don't have. This allows for the hgh to remain at room temperature indefinitely. The reason why this is important is because theres a good chance your pricey little geno pens will make it from overseas degraded. I'm almost certain genos still use e. coli to be made. Merk Serono has a specific patent on mouse cell technology that only Saizen and Serostim have. Not only are these traits desireable but its pretty much agreed upon that the excipients included inside Saizen makes for the ideal hgh for bodybuilders giving the best results. You need a good source, but they are out there.

Again I will say it all depends on your response! I have no people that literally get their hgh right from an American pharmacy and on 3-4ius a day they get very minimal igf1 boost. Some people can easily get in the 500-600 igf range off of only 3-4ius. Obviously these people are going to see much better results. It isn't one size fits all guys.

everyone will respond different. All that needs to be done is to get a igf1 baseline to see where your at either naturally or on basic TRT. Get a pharma grade brand or high quality generic. ( I personally tested 497igf off of only 3ius of grey tops). Run it at 3ius a day to start, for approximently 3 or 4 weeks. Then get igf1 tested again. Generally if you respond well you should see about a 100 ng/dl jump for every IU that you take. Serum tests mean absolutely nothing if your not converting IGF1. I generally try to steer away from toxic orals that put a strain on the liver because this is going to tax the conversion of igf1 even more and you don't want this.

HGH in my opinion is absolutely indispensable. I put way too much money into it, but after you use it and see results you will realize how precious good hgh is. There IS a reason why we all spend so much. If it really didn't work we would not be doing this lol.

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