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Old 04-07-2021, 04:45 AM
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Default Local hgh? And hgh pulsing or all pwo

Ok guys, so this probably seems a bit like a rushed and under researched question, but please pardon me as I am doing this for my buddy. Were it me doing t for myself I would already have found the answer as a by product to all the looking around on here just for fun while I constantly visualize just how much bigger I’ll be getting hahaha.

I wil say this though...Because of the short time spent back on here..I’m hopping back on after being off over two yaars...Yippee Kai yay mother fuckers. very shortly going I’ll hopping on some var(getting my Anavar cherry popped) equipoise (well this is embarrassing but that ones never been touched either) , and testosterone (from both jolly Saint Nick and the beautiful ladies at my local testosterone
Now, after a bit of story telling and gift wrapping this conversation with ADD-af rhetoric, that leads me to my next question.I have found plenty of great sources for hgh, but do any of you have or know of any that are just ******** or local ? If so could you PM it to me., only on it though of course as long as it doesn’t break any rules����

To keep this thread going in a direction though that iremains informative, say my buddy plans on taking 6 ius. How would y’all recommend dosing it? would you guys recommend him dosing 2-3 time a say(2days of weekly)
Or just pwo??

Thanks everyone in advance. Happy lifting

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