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Old 07-06-2018, 09:40 AM
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Default Ketogenic Cycling

Hey fellas, so just wanted to get some opinions. Brief little history. I'm almost 39 years old, have done maybe a 6-8 10-16 week cycles in my life. basically just test tren winny cycles.. I have a very hard time leaning down to show like levels. So past few times i leaned my self down as much as i could, i did a low fat high protein and cycled carbs based on my work outs.. generally between 50g on a day i didnt workout (which was rare) and then up to like 300g on a leg day. This worked well got me down to about 10% body fat. i generally start in the high 19-20% area if im just eating whatever i want.. The frustration was 3 years in a row i got down to about 9-10% body fat, and then after 16-20 weeks of eating perfect miserably clean meals, id go away for my birthday for 3 days and come back 20-30 lbs heavier and depressed lol. generally fall back into eating sugary shit and put most of the weight if not all back on within a week or 2 and stop lifting and basically do that every year.

Well this past summer i was biggest at 225 with my abs showing pretty well, over the winter my father passed away i kinda just went into burying my self in my basement doing stuff on the computer 20 hours a day and eating nothing but pizza and bagels and chienese food and drinking gallons of arizona iced tea daily. little do i have to say i ended up at 263lbs. i am 6'3 tall. So, about 2 weeks ago i got my ass in gear and decided to try out a Ketogenic diet since a buddy of mine had insane results with fat loss and leaning out. he went from 315lbs down to 175, had minimal stretched skin and nice abs now in 10 months. Was a pretty amazing thing to watch.

I will tell you i love Ketogenic dieting vs the clean carbs and boring eggwhites and oatmeal crap. so i started at 263 this at my 2 week weigh in which was this past tuesday i was 248. I am getting to the gym about 5 times a week, and based on my mood i either do 45 minutes just of cardio (low intensity) or i lift. with 12 months out of the gym my strength has been struggling but i know that will come back, plus being in keto i noticed the big weight movements destroy my stamina.

My goal - i want to get back down to about 220-225 area naturally. I would like to see my abs again before touching gear... now the question i have is Do i try to push a test tren winny diet without carbs?? i am sub 20g of carbs a day generally just from nuts. Or do i pull my fats down and try to run maybe like 100-300g of carbs based on my days and just put them around my workouts? Maybe do like an intermittent fast into just carb protein meals ?? anyone have any experience?
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