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Default Cheque Drops

Pharmaceutical Name: Mibolerone
Chemical structure: 7-alpha, 17-alpha-dimethyl-19Nor-androst-4-en-3-one,17b-ol
Effective dose: A few drops per day, taken sublingually

This is without a doubt THE most powerful steroid that was ever commercially marketed. Its androgenic potency is slightly less than that of methyltrienolone, but it can still aromatize, adding the benefits of estrogen as well. Unfortunately the only product it was ever marketed as never fully exploited the potential of this drug. It was delivered in microgram amounts in liquid droppers, the intent being to add a few drops to the food of female dogs in heat to keep them under control. Human athletes used a few drops under the tongue before a sporting event or training to increase their aggression levels, but noted little or no anabolic effect from this drug because it was so lowly dosed. Not that there was much room for high doses, because even in these low amounts using it longer than 2 or 3 weeks on end seemed to seriously compromise your liver. Just to demonstrate quite how toxic the compound mibolerone was to humans.

If it was free and safe to use orally, just 5 mg per day would probably give you more anabolic effect than a high-dose stack of several of the strongest products out there. It wasn't that far in potency from methyltrienolone. It possessed the same androgenic binding of trenbolone, even more so because its affinity for binding structures was even more reduced due to its 17-alpha-alkylation. But unlike methyltrienolone, it still allowed for aromatization to testosterone, enhanced by the progestagenic effect that all 19nor compounds seem to possess, which only further enhanced the extreme anabolic effect of mibolerone. Unfortunately because of its 17-alpha-alkylation it also rivaled methyltrienolone (metribolone) in liver toxicity, making it completely unsafe to even use 5 mg a day without killing yourself short term. A much better choice in that regard would have been trestolone (MENT), which is the same as Mibolerone but doesn't possess the toxic 17-alpha-methyl group. Sadly enough, MENT was never commercially marketed despite its well documented use as a male contraceptive (same for Mibolerone as well by the way).

But bodybuilders and other athletes had to make do with low-dosed cheque drops to increase activity. Nonetheless they enjoyed a great popularity. Mostly owed to the late Steroid guru Dan Duchaine. This was one of his many obscure (and usually dangerous) discoveries. The same person that discovered ***, and extremely hazardous and powerful fatburner. Oddly enough cheque drops were more popular outside of bodybuilding. Boxers, football players and martial artists who fought full contact particularly had a fondness of this product and used it to enhance aggression prior to an important match with great success. It wasn't seldom that when a particularly aggressive incident occurred in boxing, that it was rumoured Mibolerone was the real culprit.

But even that didn't last, cheque drops have all but disappeared and I have yet to come across a legit one, or even an empty packaging from a legit one a long time ago. Which would illustrate what a dinosaur cheque drops have become in such a short time. But for those who really look around, they are still out there and I believe in some countries still used in veterinary medicine. So if you want it bad enough, but like I said, its impossible to use it to its full capacity, so its probably a waste to pursue anyway.

Because its extremely toxic in higher doses and cannot be used longer than 2 weeks on end, there really isn't much to stack with cheque drops. A user will opt to take but a few drops sublingually (under the tongue) prior to an event for which he requires and increase in energy and aggression. But because here too there is the risk of natural testosterone suppression, cheque drops are best used during a cycle with other anabolic steroids. In this nature it stacks with literally everything however, and is both suited for use during bulking as well as cutting, eventhough it doesn't have a direct influence on either. Because it's a non-aromatizing steroid that cannot be used longer than two weeks, the post-cycle use of clomid or Nolvadex is not required. Natural test will only partially be suppressed and should bounce back. If as advised you stacked it with a longer cycle of other steroids, its imperative that you still run them because of these other steroids, not so much for the cheque drops. For those prone to hypertension the use of an anti-hypertensive agent like Catapresan would be advised however. No other ancillaries should be required with this agent.
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