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Originally Posted by SOUR DIESEL View Post
^^^truthfully they are really amazing ..i hold very lil water on them
..exp'd users (..or when you "settle" into your desired dose) you'll exp the same
..i'm ony runnin' 3.33iu/day & very very happy

^^^but hey you know that "talk can be cheap" on these boards don't just take my word for it ..go to PM & view the latest "RANDON/BLIND/NEUTRAL 3rd PARTY HPLC TEST" results (Janoshik)
^^^HPLC tests don't lie & they don't vary from individual to individual

..can't give away any exact details out of respect for those boards
(..& the all the work that they'v put into these testings)

..but i can say that they'r overdosed by over 3iu
Interesting. Iím very interested. Iíll check it out for
Sure. Thanks man
Pump Till You PUKE
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