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I would think Mast isnít the best for females. Itís a very high DHT derivitave and could cause major virilization.
If sheís going to use it, I would tell her 1/4 to 1/2 cc Ed to see how she reacts. If she starts to notice any masculinization, drop back down or discontinue use.

If she tolerates it well, it should be an awesome stack.

If not, I would tell her Var 10mg with 10mg Winstrol or 25mg oral Primo........ Redrock

Originally Posted by hog View Post
My wife and her friend have blasted 4-6 week cycles 10mg ED of Anavar only on and off. My wifeís friend has chosen the road to competing and motivated to reach the pro level, but of course wants to be an OUTLAW and make tremendous shit happen. I have a source that produces a womenís blend which consist of 50mg/ml of Primo E and 25mg/ml of Mast P. My question is what dosage and how long of a cycle would you badass OLM members recommend?

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