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Originally Posted by nhbskull21 View Post
What do you if those tests exist? There are plenty of steroid tests. From college to the olympics to professional sports. Hell some high schools even do it of there is a reason. Besides testing for certain chemicals or metobolites there is always test to epitest ratio.
Shit here in nj all my brothers younger friends are test for 50 diffrent things thies test included steroids and pro hormones and he calls me a fuckin lier i posted here long ago not to be flammed for asking some legitimate in my life and he runs his mouth over another post where everyone including my team of doctors went against what they posted and he does this because i beleave a team of doctors over some guy on outlaw then after reading 15 links i said id remain open minded because my fuse is short and i knew nothing about thies tests he turns into a dick head fuck
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