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Very, very few jobs test for steroids. Do they have a specific written policy that says they are testing for steroids and if so why? Steroid test even the basic non WADA ones are well over 2x the price as standard drug test so it is not done a lot. If the unlikely event they are, they are almost for sure using the much cheaper ratio test.

You may be able to pass this using very small amounts of suspension taken 24 hours before the test. However advanced athletes that use techniques like this often experiment testing themselves to see how much they can get away with because the amounts vary from person to person. Very risky. Don't even consider tren base. 19 nor based steroids like trenbolone and nandrolone are among the easiest to detect and for the longest periods of time. If you know when the test are going to occur and it is not random, it is extremely easy. Use test suspension at a reasonable dose and then stop it completely at least 5 days or so before the test and then resume when you are done testing. Random test are the ones that take more planning.

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