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Originally Posted by Mack View Post
And you are simply an internet troll who entertains himself at the deceiving cost to others

Like I said mate you can go wank yourself off and if you want to meet in the gym and throw it the F down PM me I travel internationally year round 45+ weeks a year

Put your money where your mouth is míthr fíckr

Iíll van smack your a$$ down plate by plate baby doll... on 100% Euroking gear

100% fueled by Euroking gear ... any make any model off the used car lot baby

Yes ... any make any model off the lot 100% THE shit babes

- THE Mack
lol this is so awesome.

I don't travel much, but this got me so fired up I will buy a passport just to watch whatever this is.

One of you please PM me if this is gonna go down so i can roll... I take my sobriety pretty seriously, this would be worth relapsing for!
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