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Originally Posted by elbori1984 View Post
So let's say I wanted to do deca dianabol and test c with masteron.. Would hcg be good or clomid or nova or aromatisin. My question is for estrogen and not trying to get gyno but I also would be running masteron if i run this. Ive read this itself blocks estrogen and could I get away with not using the estrogen blockers and just use the clomid at the end of this cycle
HCG really should be a pct thing. There's a bit of bro science behind that being HCG tells your body to turn your test production on, while test and other compounds shut you down. It's like turning a light on and off all day long for months. I love aromasin/exemestane. I just posted in another thread about being my go to. It's great during cycle @12.5mg eod and run PCT is reported to help restart your natty t production like nolva does. Masteron is a good choice for some estro control but I wouldn't rely on it completely.
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