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Originally Posted by TheOlympian View Post
Hi peeps,
Long time no talk. I hope y'all are well. I am sure everybody is still really excited that LSU is the College Football National Champion. But enough about them

I was needing some wisdom on health and wellness outside of my area of expertise. My PSA levels have increased from 1.8 in December 2018, to 2.8 in January 2020 which raised questions with my doctor. So he ordered another PSA test and it came back last week at 3.7. So now he taken me off of my TRT level of 100 mg per week.

Back in January 2020, I was on around 1.5 CC daily of HGH20, 20 mg daily of RAD 140 and 100 mg of Test weekly, which resulted raised my PSA to 2.8. My RAD140 cycle soon ended and when I got tested again two months later the PSA went up to 3.8 but I was not on the RAD140, but only on the HGH and Test. So because I was off of the RAD on the third test, I don't think that had an impact. My thoughts are that the HGH may have caused the prostate issues. Has anyone had this issue?

Second, what have any of you done to successfully reduce that PSA? Since I am completely off of Test for now, and have decided to give up HGH at least for now, I hope that only a LGD 4033 cycle by itself with its low androgenic compound will allow my PSA to get back down to where it should be.


Have a blessed day
My maternal grandfather got prostate cancer, my father got prostate cancer, and my college roommate has a benign form of it, and has been going through biopsies and and an experimental drug which basically just kills his testosterone production. I've been getting my PSA test done once or twice a year for the last few years. Mine seems to hang in the 3 range. I'm 53, and blast continuously. After reading up on it, and spending a lot of time talking about it with my college roommate, I think there's no reason to worry until it gets consistently over 4. At that point, there's other tests you can take to see if it's a real concern or not. My friend says his doctors told him that 10 is the magic number that would concern them. Also, based on his experience, it seems like you should always be willing to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion when it comes to doctors. Some doctors want to remove it right away, others want to treat it, others are comfortable monitoring it through biopsies and blood work. Both my grandfather and father basically couldn't get hard after having surgery (gfather) and radiation (father), and that was the end of their sex lives. I understand the younger you are when you get the treatment done, the more likely you'll still be able to function. Not all prostate cancer is malignant. Most is just benign. There's a saying that goes "All men will die with prostate cancer, but not all men will die from prostate cancer".
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