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Originally Posted by bigbreads80 View Post
Truer words have never been spoken. This is the gospel brother. The key is the locking of the eyes. If you cant see her soul, and cant taste dinner, you're not putting enough effort in. You really have to commit and fully give yourself, both spiritually and literally out of your ass. Personally, I had to give this life up. It was too emotional of an experience. We learned things about each other that I don't think the human mind is ready for. And also, that she snuck in snacks of chili cheese Fritos when I would leave the room or go to the store. It was a difficult time as we both werent mature enough to handle this ..

Now, I just chop up a few and toot em and I'm good for a solid 3+ hours of sport fucking and random conversations.

Godspeed indeed.
I'm sorry for your loss, brother. This is the type of stuff that truly builds character.
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