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Originally Posted by nhbskull21 View Post
Did you ever mention what this job that test for aas was? Just saying i did corrections and they never tested for aas. I have a few friends that are leos and do strong man and some can step on stage if they want theyve never been tested. Neither have friends at the local fd. They only time aas ever came up was a question on the poly.
Dont wanna mention the exact job and this only happened one due to me being bigger the other guys who are on as well got tested to but our boss does anabolics to so he gave us a heads up but lets just say i operate heavy machines and do work on bigger trucks cant mention the exact name but im into demolition and this was a once time deal along with ur standard drug tests being sent to the labs i try not to post any info that could lead to me having any issues as i have kids to support and they know nothing about the anabolics or this life style but yes its very posible on certain jobs it all just depends who funding it and or what the foremans boy higher up the chain wants most guys dont have to deal with this kinda shit but they act funny when ur dealing with heavy machines thats all if it doesnt sound right then not sure what to tell u this is my experience at this company and my brother is a co in the county jail and hes gets test for anabolics here in nj on a regular basis nj laws are fucked this is state its nj
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