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Thanks bud for taking the time to write. My doctor's assistant for lack of a better word wants me to get an MRI. While I appreciate his concern, that is premature. While 3.7 is a little concerning, getting off of HRT therapy for Test for 3 months is a big enough punishment. I also ordered a few supplements for prostate that I hope will alleviate these issues. I will tell the doctor's office that I am not going through with the MRI but I will get off the test and then ask if they want to test me in 3-4 months.

I also have a lab that allows customers to pay cash for blood work that I use quite frequently, and I will monitor that PSA myself before going back to the doctor.

Have a great day

Originally Posted by manwill67 View Post
My maternal grandfather got prostate cancer, my father got prostate cancer, and my college roommate has a benign form of it, and has been going through biopsies and and an experimental drug which basically just kills his testosterone production. I've been getting my PSA test done once or twice a year for the last few years. Mine seems to hang in the 3 range. I'm 53, and blast continuously. After reading up on it, and spending a lot of time talking about it with my college roommate, I think there's no reason to worry until it gets consistently over 4. At that point, there's other tests you can take to see if it's a real concern or not. My friend says his doctors told him that 10 is the magic number that would concern them. Also, based on his experience, it seems like you should always be willing to get a 2nd or 3rd opinion when it comes to doctors. Some doctors want to remove it right away, others want to treat it, others are comfortable monitoring it through biopsies and blood work. Both my grandfather and father basically couldn't get hard after having surgery (gfather) and radiation (father), and that was the end of their sex lives. I understand the younger you are when you get the treatment done, the more likely you'll still be able to function. Not all prostate cancer is malignant. Most is just benign. There's a saying that goes "All men will die with prostate cancer, but not all men will die from prostate cancer".
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