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Default Forum rules. Not following board rules can lead to removal from the board.

This is a short version. Full version is located in every forum in bold red. Not reading the board rules can result in temporary or permanent ban.

1. No source asking, checking or discussing. Including sponsors.

2. No discussion of US d0mestic labs or US d0mestic sources anywhere on the board.

3. No discussion of ordering/receiving AAS in the countries where its illegal to do so.

4. No discussion of mail and mail couriers.

5. No discussion of WU, MG or any other payment methods.

We do not allow or condone anyone to sell or advertise items that originate in a country where they are illegal to sell and or receive. Citizens of the United States are specifically prohibited from selling or receiving any illegal items by using any of outlawmuscle’s services. If you are caught violating this law you will immediately be banned from our site and removed from our membership.

Board Rules

Not reading the board rules may result in a permanent ban.

I will not return source related questions so dont ask.

Private forums on this board belong to a person whose screen name is located above that forum.

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