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500mt TUDCA, 1200mg of nac, 500mg glutathione, 375mg of liv52 2x per day. Whatever their propriety blend is. Reg dosage. I haven’t really given my body a break in terms of alcohol on weekends and 6 weeks of tbol at 40mg then 2 weeks off then 4 weeks of var at 40mg then 2 weeks off and I started superdrol (no alcohol on this) so I figure that’s actually low in perspective. After one more week of superdrol I give up orals for about 9 months. I only do it in summer months so I assume it’ll lower then. Thanks for advice on diet. I struggle with eating enough or not eating enough.

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Wow, your'e on all this - liv52, tudca, nac and glutathione - and still have values in the 90's?

what dosages on the above liver support supplements are you on? and what dosages in regards to the orals my man?

PS. Diet looks clean and pretty balanced.


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