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Originally Posted by tbsxmcr16 View Post
I take bystolic on cycle. Works well. In good shape. All levels are good. Estrogen went up to 29 which is still fine but get bloated so I took adex and back somewhat to where I like. Blood levels are good except obvious liver levels in 90s, I’ll be off orals in a few weeks and they’ll drop. I’m on liv52, tudca, nac and glutathione. Hawthorne as well. Diet is cup of egg whites with tablespoon of peanut butter, half cup of all bran cereal with almond milk, 2nd meal is cup of ground beef with half cup of rice and half cup of veggies, 3rd meal is cup of ground turkey, cup of rice and half cup of veggies, meal 4 is post workout which is 60g of protein and a banana, later on my last meal is salmon and half cup of sweet potato sometimes a little honey. I eat clean and get my calories in. I’ll gladly send a pic to an email if you would like to see my progress. Constructive critiscm is always welcome
Wow, your'e on all this - liv52, tudca, nac and glutathione - and still have values in the 90's?

what dosages on the above liver support supplements are you on? and what dosages in regards to the orals my man?

PS. Diet looks clean and pretty balanced.

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