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Originally Posted by lordsks View Post
superdrol was insane. I looked amazing on it however, but was a nervous tweaker with high BP. Even at very low doses like 2.5mg day I could still feel the effects. Gave the muscles a very dry grainy look but still full.
weird. i seem to stick to lower dose on orals because of sides and im on 10mg of superdrol (worked up from 2.5mg) and i feel great, more energy, great strength pre workout but i def do not have that dry grainy look. my diet is clean but decent amount of carbs because heard it works well with it. if anything i look like im holding water. BP is good, took adex yesterday just to be sure estrogen wise, dried me out a little but seems odd that im having seemingly opposite than most and im not a veteran (few diff orals with trt). maybe some stomach discomfort but no other sides (knock on wood). its from a very reputable source on here before anyone mentions it could be something else.
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