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12-06-2004, 03:36 PM
Been lifting 2 years. Run/bike/swim race. Age 26. 170 lbs, 7% bf. 4000-5000 calorie diet.
Goal: Hypertrophy, eventually bench 315 (duh), build a good muscle base to start training jujitsu in late 05 or early 06.

I will be starting a 12 week cycle:
1-10 100 mg test enathate ew
1-8 400 mg eq ew
1-12 50 mg proviron ed
6-12 25 mg winstrol ed
t3 at 12.5 mcg and letro at 1 mg eod
nolva at 10 mg ed

Right now I lift on a 4 or 5 day cycle. Looks like this:
day 1 - chest/tri/forarms
day 2 - back/bi/heavy abs
- optional rest day -
day 3 - legs/delts/forarms
day 4 - rest

I want to switch to a 3 day cycle with this routine:
Day 1 - Chest/Tri/Legs
5x5 Alternate Flat/Incline Bench between sessions
2x10 Inc fly
2x10 Dec Fly
5x5 Weighted Dips
2x10 Alternate Rope Pulldowns / DB Lying extensions
5x5 Squats
2x10 Alternate Leg Extensions/Calf Raises
1x10 Adduct
1x10 Abbduct
Forarms (EAch excercise in succession for a set):
Wrist Curls 3x10
Wrist Reverse Curls 3x10
Wrist Abductions 3x10

Day 2
5x5 Deads
3x5 Wide Weighted Pullups
1x10 shrugs
2x10 alternate Lat Pulldowns/Cable Rows
5x5 EZ bar Curls /w pinky higher than thumb
2x10 Alternate hammer curls/reverse preacher curls
5x5 Standing DB shoulder press
3-4x10 Alternate 3 var DB raises (together in front/sides/behind) / front and rear raises
5x5 Needsize Crunches
1x20 DB sidebends (20 on each side).
Day 3 - Rest

Thoughts: I could skip the rest day. I could also make it a 5 day cycle where I have the first two days above, and then repeat the workout but cut the weights and increase the reps - like something that is 5x5 would become 2x20. I have found high reps worked really well for my formarms (eod 4x2x10 sets of the above 3 exercise forarm routine).

I'd appreciate any feedback.

12-09-2004, 10:48 PM
Go with the 5 day split. I like chest, legs, arms. shoulders, back, more or less, and that is way too complicated of a first cycle. Dont' waste your time with 100 mg of test e. Not enough. 400 mg eq is good, but 8 weeks isn't long enough. Save it. You won't need winstrol yet, either. For a first cycle, run about 400 mg of test e or sustenon for 12 weeks. That's all, and have some nolvadex in case you get any symptoms of gyno. You will gain just fine and have a baseline as to how you respond. If you stack a bunch of stuff, you won't know what did what and just complicate your future cycles. Once you know how you respond to test, then you can add another compound on your next cycle.You will get better results knowing how you respond to each thing and won't waste money and risk sides on compounds you don't respond all that well to.