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Old 08-11-2017, 08:39 PM
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Default Old Jack V2 (big mistake)...and Craze version 2 question

For the past several Months I have been using both OGPump300 mixed with Old Jack made by Genone. If anyone is curious "Genone Old Jack" is kinda similar to the original "Jack3d"...not as good but not too bad either. I like this particular combo as it gives me enough energy and a good pump for a 2 hour workout. Honestly not anything super special as far as focus goes but at least it does give me that energy and pump I am looking for. Not all my workouts are that long but I can go longer sometimes if I have to.

Anyway I ordered another bottle of what I thought was Old Jack and immediately after I swallowed 1 and a half scoops (my usual dosage) I immediately noticed that something was really bitter with it. I then looked at the bottle and in small dark letters I saw (V2) next to where Old Jack is written.

Apparently I ordered a different supposedly enhanced version of the Old Jack which is supposed to be better in every way.

So I thought what the heck just go to the gym and try it out I already swallowed it anyway. Well about 30 minutes later as I am working out I feel sick as hell and my color is off and I am kinda cold with a mild upset stomach. I am just guessing they added way more caffeine than I am used to. I used to just take a half a redline energy drink before a workout and that stuff rocked until a couple of years ago I swear they changed something in those drinks they do not work anymore nor feel the same.

I managed to finish a full back workout and got a great pump and all but for about 6 hours afterwards after I got home I felt like I was going to have a heart attack...seriously I thought I was going to die I mean this was nuts. I just kept taking deep breaths and had the phone close to me with 911 on speed dial if I did indeed have one. I am too young for this kind of shite...I do not need to be having heart attacks or strokes.

I know my fault for not inspecting the bottle first but it looks identical to the original "Old Jack" bottle and again the "V2" is written in very dark letters which can easily be overlooked.

Anyway my favorite of all time was Driven Sports "Craze". That stuff would put me in the zone and give me awesome pumps. Then it was sadly banned.

There is a Craze version 2 which probably sucks but has anyone tried it? ...and if so how does it compare to the original? I notice only a couple of places carry this and was thinking of giving it a shot...

just waiting for a shoulder strain to heal up before doing a really good cycle of Test/Dbol...maybe Deca...this will be my first cycle since my last one over 4 years ago!!!! fresh receptors but for now I need stimulants darnit.

I am just pissed because I ordered the wrong stuff but that is my fault again for not really paying attention to my order when I placed it.
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