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Originally Posted by jixxxer View Post
Been doing some readin on eq; and Im hearing about how it thickens the blood and such; I already typically have thick blood and have recently started a cycle of 600Test and 600Eq weekly. should i reallly be concerned?
It's really an individual thing. Not everyone gets high RBC/Hemocrit from EQ. Every time I get a blood test when I'm on EQ my hemocrit is in range. I've been running EQ at 700mg-1750mg/wk since Feb. This Summer, I gave blood for the first time while I was running Test at 2.4 grams/wk and EQ 1.75 grams/wk. My hemocrit was at 49, so no problems there.

On other forums, there's a lot of talk about how EQ kills libido and elevates anxiety. Again, it's just an individual thing.
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